8 Affectionate Puppy Breeds for Families

March 29, 2019
A young girl hugging a Beagle puppy in a field.

Some puppies love having their own space. Other puppies would much rather be in your space, peppering you with sweet puppy kisses! You may prefer a puppy that expresses their affection for you in the second way. If so, you may be happy to find out that many puppy breeds love showering their paw-rents with love and kisses.

Here are 8 breeds that will most likely give you that extra energetic PDA you’re looking for!

English Bulldog

Playful, goofy, and devoted, what’s not to love about the adorable English Bulldog? Apart from being sweet-natured and a great family puppy, the English Bulldog doesn’t really need to exercise much. Just take a quick walk down the street and back, and you’ll both be able to cuddle together in no time! Bulldogs are so affectionate and kind to their families that they always want to be near them, so expect to devote lots of time cuddling and kissing your Bulldog puppy!

Brussels Griffon

Often described as “Monkeyface” by owners of the breed, the Brussels Griffon is known for its lovable and affectionate personality. It’s a small yet sturdy puppy breed that’s cheerful, loves being around its family, and gets along well with other pets. When it comes to the Brussels Griffon, personal space doesn’t exist — they’ll be giving you loving puppy kisses any time they get the chance!

Labrador Retriever

Like its “cousin” the Golden Retriever, Labrador Retrievers make excellent furry companions. Sweet-natured and lovable, this breed is absolutely devoted to their families, so much so that they always want to be involved in their activities. Apart from being friendly to their human family members, Labs can also be friendly towards other pets and people. They do require lots of exercise so make sure to take your Labrador puppy out on walks and hikes.


The Chihuahua may be small, but it’s packed with lots of love for their humans! Chihuahua puppies love nothing more than being with their families, and will take any opportunity to be with them. Their small stature makes them easy to carry around at all times, which will make a Chihuahua pups very happy! When at home, the Chihuahua may walk room to room, checking on their favorite humans — and likely hoping for a long cuddle session.

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular breeds among dog owners. And it’s not hard to tell why. Goldies are known for being playful, friendly and energetic. They have a calm temperament and are very gentle, making them excellent dogs for families with children. You will rarely see them pass up an opportunity to snuggle up to their owners at home. Although they are rarely aggressive, they may exhibit protectiveness with strangers, so be sure to socialize them at a young age.

Great Dane

Despite their large size, The Great Dane is a gentle giant, full of heart and affection for the humans they love. Like the Golden Retriever, they are known for being gentle and cautious around young children. They also rarely show aggression unless provoked by a stranger. They exhibit their affection not just with cuddles and kisses, but also with following your every move or begging for a pat on the head. Great Danes are eager to please and will do just about anything for you.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Gentle and sweet, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a puppy breed that’s full of energy and playful fun. They won’t hesitate to play with young children and are super friendly with everyone, even other pets they meet! They’re also very affectionate, preferring to spend their days snuggling close to their humans or following them around. A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy may appear passive at times, but always remember that they’re very intelligent and loyal.

Old English Sheepdog

With its shaggy coat and fun-loving personality, the Old English Sheepdog loves to snuggle with their humans. Their intelligent, easy-going traits make them great family pets, though they may have a habit of herding. This behavior can be properly eliminated with positive reinforcement. Old English Sheepdogs are also full of energy and like competing in agility trials.

Whichever breed you decide on, you will certainly come home to a happy furry family member! At Petland Overland, we offer many breeds that can fit perfectly with your family, personality, and lifestyle.

We hope you find the right puppy for you and your family!

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