Bringing Your Puppy to the Park

By on March 7th, 2019
Petland english bulldog puppies staring into camera

If you’re looking for a fun way to introduce your puppy to their surroundings, look no further! The dog park is a great place for you and your puppy to engage and interact with other people and their furry friends.

Before you decide on grabbing a leash and taking your fur-baby to the nearest park, you should consider these several key factors.

Make sure your puppy is ready.

The dog park may be full of different sights, sounds, and smells to stimulate your puppy’s senses, but it may also come with potential germs that can make them sick. You should make sure your puppy has all their vaccinations and is at least 16 weeks before making a trip to the park. You can even wait one or two more weeks to let your puppy’s immune system adjust and respond to their vaccination shots.

Ensure your puppy knows the basic commands.

It’s important that your puppy knows and understands basic commands, especially if you’re planning to take them outside. In any situation, these commands and behaviors are reliable in helping your puppy remain obedient. The 4 basic commands to teach your fur-baby are “sit,” “come,” “leave it,” “look here.” You can practice these commands at home by using positive reinforcement and of course, treats!

Choose a secure dog park.

Once your puppy is ready for their first trip to the dog park, you should choose a park that has a secure fence around the border—just as a precaution! If you can’t find a fenced dog park, then look for one with a wide open space for you and your puppy to run around and play. Avoid going at times when other dogs or people are around as your puppy may become overwhelmed. You should also keep park time with your puppy as short as 30 to 40 minutes.

Scout the park for any potential obstacles.

One last thing you must do before making making your way to the park is to look out for any potential obstacles. You can do this by walking around the park a few times for a couple days to check for any “trouble spots.” You can then take your puppy on a walk around the park and take note of any other spots you may have missed during your scouting.

Consider other ways to engage your puppy.

If the dog park just isn’t a good fit for your adorable fur-baby, no worries! There are a million other ways to exercise and engage your puppy. For socialization, you can organize a puppy playdate to get your fur-baby to interact with other furry friends. You can exercise your puppy by hiking or walking around your neighborhood. You can also try games or sports that test your puppy’s endurance and ability such as dock diving or fly ball.

Now that you and your puppy are all set and ready to hit the park, remember that going outside could be scary for your puppy at first (we’ve all been there!) so you should always ensure that your puppy is comfortable being outside beforehand. By following these tips, you can definitely ensure your puppy’s experience at the dog park will be a safe, positive and fun one!

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