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Grooming Services

Petland Overland Park provides affordable pet grooming services for pets of all kinds, including dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, guinea pigs and more!

You may think that Fido’s haircut is all about preserving his looks, but at Petland Overland Park, we know this isn’t the case. While looking good is important to many, maintaining your pet’s fur, nails and teeth is essential to a happy, healthy animal. To top it off, our experts know the pet grooming schedules to follow — when it’s time to cut your dog’s nails, for example — to keep your animals looking and feeling right.

Ready to get your pet in tip-top shape with our premium grooming services?

Pet Grooming in Overland Park 

At Petland, we pride ourselves on the professionalism and careful attention to detail we provide to each pet grooming client. We offer the most affordable nail trimming service for pets, as well as a variety of other services for animals of all kinds. Since we are knowledgeable about many dog breeds and other animals, we understand how often your pet needs grooming and how to complete it professionally for all of your companions.

The best part about our pet grooming is that you don’t need an appointment! Just stop by Petland Overland Park with your animal so they can get groomed today.

Pet Grooming Services at Petland Overland Park

Our Overland Park location offers the following basic pet grooming services:

Nail Trimming 

Our pet grooming includes nail trimming, no matter what type of pet you have. Petland Overland Park offers the most affordable nail trims in the Kansas City area!

Nail Filing Service 

If you prefer that your pet’s nails be filed as opposed to being trimmed, Petland Overland Park also provides this service.

Bird Nail Trim 

Need pet grooming for your feathered friend? Petland Overland Park will also trim your bird’s nails! We provide nail trims for birds of all different kinds and sizes. Bring your bird by today and we will take care of all your pet grooming needs.

Pad Trimming Service 

The soles of your animal’s feet also need attention in the pet grooming process. Keep your pet clean and happy with pad trimming at Petland Overland Park. As part of this pet grooming service, we’ll trim and remove hair around your pet’s paws.

Pad Protection Services 

No owner wants their pet to suffer through dry, cracked paws. Protect your pet’s paw pads with this pet grooming service.

Dog Bathing Service 

Bring your dog to Petland Overland Park for a shampoo and blow dry treatment. No appointment necessary for this pet grooming service — simply come in and walk out within minutes with a clean, dry and happy dog!

Ear Cleaning Service 

Pet grooming isn’t all about the outside; it’s important to clean out your pet’s ears to help keep them happy and healthy. Bring your dog, guinea pig, rabbit or other small animal into Petland Overland Park today to receive this pet grooming service.

Ear Plucking Service 

Help prevent infections and keep your pet’s ears clean and clear with ear plucking, one of the many pet grooming services we offer.

Deluxe Mini Groom Package

Save on the services at Petland Overland Park with our Deluxe Mini Groom Package. With this package your pet will receive a nail trim, pad protection treatment, ear cleaning, bath, and blow dry service. This is our most popular and affordable pet grooming service.

Stop By Today Bring your animal to Petland Overland Park today for pet grooming services that will ensure they look and feel their best! We have the most affordable and convenient pet grooming services in Kansas City, and no appointment is necessary.



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