Important Commands You Should Teach Your Puppy

By on April 22nd, 2019

We know—getting a new puppy is one of the best moments you can experience. You may be tempted to just cuddle and play with your new furry companion but it’s important to start teaching them a few important commands that will remain useful throughout their lifetime.

Here are some essential commands we recommend you teach your puppy.

  1. Their name

Puppies aren’t born with names, so when you give one to them, they should definitely know it with all their heart!

You can follow these steps to teach your puppy their name:

  1. Keep your puppy on a leash and remove any distractions from the area.
  2. Let your puppy wander around for a few minutes.
  3. When your puppy is looking away, call out their name a few times.
  4. Allow them to approach you. If not, then lure them in with the leash.
  5. Whether they came towards you themselves or you used the leash, give your puppy a treat and praise them. This helps them associate their name with positive emotions.
  6. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Make sure the sessions are brief (no longer than 10 minutes).
  7. Once your puppy is coming to you, change the location of the exercise.
  8. At the park or beach, perform this command. This helps your fur-baby learn their name in different locations.

2. Sit

  1. Hold a yummy treat in front of your puppies nose and have them sniff it.
  2. While saying “sit,” move your hand upwards.
  3. Your puppy’s head will come up. As it does, their hips will lay down.
  4. When your puppy is sitting, give them their treat and praise them.
  5. Practice for a 5 to 10 minute session then repeat the lesson another day.

3. Stay

  1. Command your puppy to sit with a treat.
  2. Once your puppy sits, give them their treat and praise them.
  3. Open your empty palm towards your puppy. Make sure he’s looking at your hand.
  4. Say “stay” but do not move or stand back. Use a serious tone for this command.
  5. Wait around 5 to 10n seconds before giving your puppy their treat.
  6. Practice a few times in brief sessions, then repeat the lesson for another day.

4. Lay Down

  1. Hold a delicious treat in your hand in front of your puppy’s nose.
  2. Say “lay down” as you bring the treat in the hand to the floor. Your puppy should follow the movement.
  3. Move the treat towards your puppy.
  4. When your puppy lays down their entire body on the floor, give them their treat and praise them.

Make sure each training session is fun, easy, and ends on a positive note. Avoid yelling or scolding your puppy as this prevents them from learning. We hope your puppy learns these awesome but essential commands!

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